Monday, April 18, 2011

Previous extract brews

The first extract kit we (Mike & I) made was the Amber extract kit from True Brew. We bottled the whole batch and it came out quite good. It tasted alot like a Sierra Nevada. We nicknamed it WWJD (What would Jesus Drink?) based on a Christmas brewday. I liked the batch so much I bought another kit but haven't had a chance to brew it since we changed to an all grain process. The second effort was another True Brew Extract kit: Oktoberfest. It got its "Houdini" nickname from its finish: the flavor just disappeared after you swallowed. Truth be told, we probably rushed the calendar on the consumption. It was our first kegging exercise and the keg was kicked at the NYSHS wrestling tournament. Our 3rd batch was True Brew's IPA extract kit. We kegged most and bottled 17. It was delicious from the keg and the bottle. It stood up to a side-by-side blind test with a Dogfishhead 90 Minute IPA, although it came in with a little more than half the alcohol content. Two other extract kits from True Brew were recently brewed: a Porter and a German Style Light. The Porter was kegged and is tasting better every day. The German is currently in secondary. The German was transferred to Keg on April 24 for a cold break, then will be carbonated.

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